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Welcome to my blog on leadership musings. I will try to identify leadership qualities in every day stories you can relate to and share some tools for you to implement along the way. If you are interested in taking this approach based on Emotional Intelligence then stick around!

The 3 Pillars to Work-Life Balance – It’s About Showing Up As a Leader

I am introducing three pillar to stop the overwhelm and start living a life you always wanted to.

Giving yourself permission to ask, having your kids and partner step up and asking your employer for a framework that will allow you to offer most value to the company.

We haven’t seen any change in the corporate landscape, because we and our partners have not been asking for enough. I believe that companies who value their employees and want to stay relevant, will be engaging in more conversations around work-life balance because we are in unprecedented times.

4 models of “Back to School” in California – What will back to work look like for working families under these scenarios?

California’s Department of Education proposed 4 possible scenarios to safely reopen schools in the age of face masks and physical distancing. But what is lacking in this article is any proposed solution for working parents on how to reconcile alternating schedules with work.
The burden will be on the families to make it work. Working moms and dads will have to create a structure around these schedules. Will the burden be completely on them or is your company talking about how to make adjustments to make this work for the future?
Now, I want to challenge leaders to help attenuate these effects by introducing a more flexible work culture. Real leaders care about their people and know that leveraging diversity is key to more creative problem solving.

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