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Why should you care about Emotional Intelligence in the workplace?
Given our human nature, our emotions inform every decision and behavior whether we want it or not. Why is that? Neuroscience has confirmed that the information our brain takes up has to pass through our limbic system (lizard brain) before reaching our thinking brain (the pre-frontal cortex). We can not shortcut our emotions out of the way, but we can develop strategies to integrate our emotional input, create a space of awareness, and take informed decisions.

Why would Emotional Intelligence affect my work?
The World Economic Forum has rated EI as the #6 skill to have for 2020. In a world that is more and more reliant on technology and AI, Emotional Intelligence becomes a key ingredient for success. Research has shown that emotionally intelligent team members are more likely to be promoted to a leadership position. It has a direct effect on talent retention, creativity, workplace engagement and thus, ROI.

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