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I offer 4 services that differ in the extent of time and energy you would like to spend in the area of Emotional Intelligence.

1. Ignite Program – Bring lasting change into your life and organization with this six-session program.

 You start out with assessing the current Leadership state, are being coached through 6 development sessions and then get assessed after the program once more to measure the impact of the program on your new leadership state.

Ideally spaced at 4-6 week intervals, you will be able to integrate new content and identify opportunities to practice the new tools between sessions. The second assessment measures growth that happened throughout the training series and gives you another opportunity to identify more areas for development.

2. EI Assessment with debrief: Get a peek into your current EI state and take charge of your own development. 

Together we look at your data during the debrief where you identify areas of growth. The included development booklet includes tangible behaviors to improve in the development areas identified. 

To choose the right type of assessment, consider your role in your organization contributor/team member or manager) and how many groups you would like to be rated by (180 vs. 360). 

Asses and improve Emotional Intelligence (team members/contributor level):

  • Contributor 180 (three rater groups, peers and manager and self)
  • Contributor 360 (four rater groups: direct reports, peers, manager and self)

Develop Emotional Intelligence in Leadership:

  • Leadership 180 (three rater groups, peers and manager and self)
  • Leadership 360 (four rater groups: direct reports, peers, manager and self)

3. One-day Leadership Focus Sessions:

  • The Mindful Leader – apply mindfulness in the workplace
  • The Resilient Leader – manage stress and well-being
  • Engaging Leader – increase employee engagement

4. Personalized coaching sessions upon request.

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