Be the Change – Reimagining Work-Life Balance post Covid-19

Reimagining work-life balance post Covid-19. Working from home (if you’re lucky), remote learning with kids, emotionally supporting the kids, cooking, checking our finances, keeping the house neat and clean,… it’s been a lot. We humans are adaptable and women especially give a lot. Often by not taking the rest and self-care they would need. Burn out follows.

This could be our moment to redefine our society to one where we truly lift each other up. Let’s seize the moment together and ASK for what we need to our partners, our managers/leaders, our representatives.

You think EI training is a luxury your company can’t afford right now? Think again.

A recent article on LinkedIn recounted one dad’s current reality: two parents working from home while managing the distance-learning needs of their kids during the stay-at-home order.  The dad, Brian Rich, described their work week and the inherent challenges of both parents attending simultaneous online meetings.  He also shared how they struggled to finish theirContinue reading “You think EI training is a luxury your company can’t afford right now? Think again.”

4 Best Practices for High-Performing Virtual Teams

Editorial Note: I wrote this blog post a while ago and thought to publish it in late March. I realize that with the onset of the CoVid-19 Pandemic many find themselves struggling to work remotely for the first time. In times of high stress it is even more important to implement the 4 Best PracticesContinue reading “4 Best Practices for High-Performing Virtual Teams”

Parental Leadership in times of the CoVid-19 Pandemic

In times of Covid-19 and a stay-at-home order, we are possibly facing the challenge of our lifetime. While our individual circumstances may vastly differ, having our kids around all day long and making them feel safe in a time of great uncertainty is hard. Your kids will need stronger and more compassionate leadership from you than ever.